It is slipping because when you run the AC and defrost it engages the AC compressor clutch, this extra load on the belt is enough to make it slip. May 06, 2008 · I have a 99 Jeep Cherokee and the belt squeals when I first turn on my car. Once the fiber has worn off the belt and the ribs become seated in the pulley, the belt performs more aggressively. It's been getting worse so I need to fix it now. 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE: brought in today to replace belt for AC, was squealing upon start up for 10 seconds or so but would stop if AC was turned off, but AC was working fine, no issues. When it gets warmed up, it grabs better, so the squeak goes away. Today when I turned my ac on for the first time all day it made a loud squeal after I turned the ac off the squeal stopped. Squealling belt noise when a/c is turned on 9 Answers Our 95 Honda Passport makes a terrible squeal noise when the a/c is turned on. my squeaky belt noise was not only the belt but the AC compressor . One of the idler pullies going bad Now here are my exact symptoms. The power steering pulley is replaced with an idler pulley. Nov 20, 2007 · Odds are very good that the A/C compressor belt is the belt that is too loose, since it squeals when you engage the A/C. As the compressor cycles, the belt squeals briefly. I have kept up on the maintenance. I just replaced my serpentine and AC belts. Dec 29, 2014 · I had this exact issue on my 2003 Ford F150. Turn the a/c off and it squealed again. The original one was totally seized up so the pulley wouldn’t turn at all. Sep 03, 2013 · I've seen this before, sometimes it doesn't matter if you replace the belt it may squeal a little, but not for that long. I took the belt off and noticed tiny bits of shiny gravel stuck in the ribs of the belt. Systems such as the alternator, the 80 1980 Chevrolet El Camino Accessory Drive Belt Fan and Alternator 3. improve this answer. Hello, My 12HT AC belt squeals a bit when it kicks on if it is hot outside and at higher RPM's. This belt cannot be easily accessed with the power steering belt installed, so chances are pretty good that when you complained, the power steering belt was the only belt re-tightened, since it is the easiest belt to access. !!! etc. No big deal - a common problem. Turning off the Auto button would immediately make the whistling stop. edited Nov 19 '18 at 21:19. These noises are usually any indication of a fault in the offing. . My Tacoma, a 2003 V6, squeals most mornings when I start it If you lube a belt it changes the frequency of the sound the belt makes to one you can't hear but will not drive the pulleys fast enough and you may end up with a dead battery, dim lights, poor AC, or high engine temps, etc. Misalignment within the belt system 3. Average rating from 3,808 customers who received a Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement. Replace the serpentine belt and the tensioner if needed Jan 24, 2019 · Serpentine belt noise means that a change in the belt's operating conditions is causing the belt's rubber to slip over one or more pulleys, making it screech—more on this in the section below. I picked them out (probably 100 of them), reinstalled the belt, and the squeak disappeared! Much thanks to the other post in this thread for suggesting this! I'm an ex-belt engineer from Goodyear, so I was actually surprised it was the belt. I could see the pulley wobbling, so I believe it needed to be changed. Installed new Bando drive belts the other day. USUAL CAUSE This symptom is usually caused by a loose or worn air conditioning compressor belt. I immediately switched off the AC and tried it again later down the road. No, JK, probably just need a new serp. If its ok, spray some silicon lubricant (WD40,CRC) on the belt and see if the squealing stops. Front lights, break lights, heat, windshield whipers, leaving the car The pulley which the belt goes around has a bearing in it and it is turned all the time by the belt. This is a discussion on Squealing belt within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 1998 Trans Am ws6, Ls1. Squeal gone---great. 1 cause of belt noise is misalignment. It ONLY does this when I have the air conditioning on. This is the second AC pump that I have installed with the same symptoms. If the belt is in good shape, continue on to the next step. Dec 01, 2012 · Hey everybody I got a good one for ya. 1999 4Runner SR5 3. Tacomas (1995-2004)' started by MoreMonkey, Nov 18, 2017. The belt drives many of the engine’s accessories, including the alternator and power steering pump. (These lights should 2005 Highlander AC belt squeals when you start the engine with the AC on. In the warm weather not all the belts squeal on starting, HOWEVER, EVERY-TIME AC compressor kicks in the belt squeals for a few seconds. You can identify that by sprinkling a little water on the smooth backside of the belt while the squeal is occurring. 1999 Dodge Ram 1500, 5. Sep 18, 2012 · Serpentine belt squeals when the car is first started. When the compressor came on it just began to squeal as it would slip. Here lately the belt has started to squeal a bit, especially after warming up good. If I rev the motor to like 4 grand then it'll go away for the time being. My AC idler pulley was sounding terrible, and I did not have time to source the 6301 sealed bearings and replace, so here's what I did. After a minute, it stops. The belt tensioner and idler are also part of the system. So I went to Napa and got an aftermarket belt and put it on myself. The slippage and lubricants work together to produce heat in the belt which will destroy the belt rapidly. I own a 2003 4Runner. Whether idling or accelerating just after startup, if the serpentine belt or individual v-belts (depending on your car) are worn or loose, they’ll probably squeal and should be replaced. It is for sure compared to the alternator belt and pulley but not sure if it is suppose to. If you don't find what you're looking for, shoot us an email (webmaster@73-87chevytrucks. I took it to 2 shops here in town, and 1 said the water pump bearings were the cause of the squeal, and the second said it was the alternator. But now that it's summer time, I've noticed it when I use my AC. My 2004 dodge ram 1500 4. When I shut the engine off, and restart it within a few minutes, if the AC switch was left on, the AC belt would start to immediately squeal. The only tools required are a feeler gauge, snap-ring pliers and a standard set of metric box wrenches What Causes a Car to Squeal? When a car is squealing the most likely culprit is your belt system. End of story. Got a bit of a squealy belt on my 1. But then when I hit the ac button the compressor engages and you hear this loud and i mean LOOOOUDDDDDD squeal/skreetch!!!. May 19, 2005 · With the a/c on and you rev over idle the a/c belt tensioner starts jumping front to rear not just side to side and the belt squeal sounds like a jackhammer or something. The tensioner was replaced only a few years ago with ACDelco and the bearing spins quiet, but there is some wiggle so that's getting changed next as a precaution. 2L IP: Logged Message: I have had my truck since last July but all of a sudden since last month the front belt squeals and it has gotten louder since then. The fan belt should be tight enough to keep it from slipping off its pulley. May 12, 2013 · Hey guys I have a Nissan Rogue 2009 that I took in for serpentine belt replacement since it started to show cracks. May 22, 2005 · The serpentine belt was replaced at the same time as the water pump. Is this likely the serpentine belt or a  12 Jul 2018 I rolled over a curb and now my car makes grinding noises. Take a moment to drop by The Store and shop our products. The sound would repeat every minute or so if the AC was left on. It is usually best to contact an HVAC expert or a professional technician for guidance. The reason a belt squeals is because its too loose. If the belt is loose or worn the belt can slip on the compressor pulley and emit a loud squeal. The serpentine belt – or drive belt, as its also known – plays a vital role in the engine. I have a 1998 F150 Supercab 4. The Gates belt has a different composition than the original Toyota belt, and I believe this is the problem If the belt squeal is being made by the alternator, the noise should also occur or worsen when the headlights are turned on. I and am wondering if anyone else has had similar issues, or has found the source. Aug 24, 2015 · Camry :: Belt Squealing Really Loud When AC Starts? Aug 24, 2015. Check the belt and tensioner. Jul 30, 2014 · Diagnosing Misalignment and Belt Noise July 30, 2014 at 10:54am. It will clog up the grooves and make the squeal worse. It may be cracked and need replaced, or it may just need tightened. A2A Compressors of air conditioners make a variety of noise. real tight, real loose and every tension in between, soap, belt dressing, thought it was a pulley so since ac was new, alternator was new and power steering pump was new I replaced the only few parts with pulleys left, the water pump and the tension pulley and still squeaked. Pretty loud. NEVER use belt dressing, it doesn't work! Oct 12, 2009 · Everytime I turn the air on and I am coming to a stop, my car makes a loud squeal. When a belt squeals heat is generated, causing the rubber in the belt to overheat, lose flexibility and crack. Obviously if you're belt is worn out, your pulleys are misaligned, or a bearing is seized that will cause it to squeal, but 95% of the time, it just needs tightening. Sep 06, 2013 · 2) Lightly spray water on the outside of the belt. This is pretty loud and I can hear it over my loud flowmaster 40 series exhaust. The magnitude of sound can range from a soft squeak to a loud and noisy squeal and it may occur while starting a cold engine or during normal vehicle operation. The reason that it only squeels when the a/c is on is that when it is on, the compressor clutch is engaged thus increasing the load placed on the belt in effort to I've narrowed the squealing down to the AC system, probably to do with the belt, but don't know where to really go from there. When the A/C is turned on the clutch plate is drawn into the bearing and clutch assembly by an electromagnet which is mounted on the compressor shaft. Average failure mileage is 100,500 miles. Replacement of belt, the auto tensioner, ac Comp bearing and the other pulley was done but still i have  29 Jan 2015 Belt squeal, squeaky belt, belt noise? Learn how to fix a squeaky belt in your car. squealing resultsthe AC Compressor had a bad front bearing and there was the cause for the noise you claim to have. Comet. So i thought the belt needed to be replaced so I bought a new belt and put it on and it does the same thing. If you turn on your air conditioner and see that it does not blow out cool air from the air vents, this could possibly be due to a bad serpentine belt. Visually inspect the fan belt for cracks or signs of wearing. Remove tension from idler pulley and remove pulley. The serpentine belt turns the pulleys on the following items: alternator, air conditioning pump, water pump, power steering pump. I turned on the a/c and it stopped. 3) If all of the above steps are inconclusive, remove the serpentine belt(s), one at a time and start the engine after each belt is removed. Just had a mechanic check the belt out and he said it was in great shape and he saw no signs of glazing. When the vehicle gets to temperature, it goes away, for the most part. Repeat this part of the process until the squealing stops. This additional elasticity makes them much less vulnerable to cracking. 2 Magnum Replaced the belt 4 times in the past month along with the following: Idle pulley Fan clutch Belt tensioner Power Steering pulley AC compressor, clutch (6 months ago) The belt still squeals! This is driving me crazy, the garage has no answer As soon as you My belt squeals horribly when I first turn the AC on and anytime after that when the compressor clicks on. 8L V6 VIN: A GAS AC Delco 3) Tighten up the belt 'tension' using the tensioner, if you don't have a belt gauge simply snug it up so you can twist the belt from a flat position to about 45 degrees and then tighten up the hardware for the tensioner. A new , improved tensioner pulley and drive belt were used. AC belt squealing ('03-'05) Jump to either belt has to much slack or its old n cracked n rotted so it stretches and squeals. I have a squeal noise comming from the serpentein belt. Replaced belt several times, tryed different tensions. I have checked the belt tension and it seems to be okay. That makes the belt slide across the pulley, (or the next one), as the belt goes around it. If I rev the car the squealing either stops or tones down significantly. Its been cold the last week. Sep 06, 2011 · 99 Jeep XJ, my drive belt squeals something awful when my AC runs, I recently changed my alternator and in the process discovered how to adjust the drive belt so I tightened it to where I thought it would stop squealing when AC is on, it is worse. No more squealing belt. If stops - the belt or pulley is bad. Should I switch off my car air conditioner before I start or stop my car's engine? Some air conditioners have belt-driven fan motors. com) - it simply may not have been added yet. Squealing belt. It does NOT do it w/o the AC on. But my belts need to be replaced. 68 coupe with a 289. The AC Compressor Belt is flat and ribbed and connects several engine components. . Mechanic said … read more Remove AC belt. Remove snapring from pulley that retains bearing. Replaced the belt,pulley tensioner with pulleys , and water pump. If the noise goes away, that's an alignment issue. Belt noise can be tricky, and have a number of causes. It doesnt do it all the time either. Run the ac system, if the belt squeals then try to tighten it a bit more. When I warm up my 2001 Outback Wagon, there is a squealing belt sound when I crank it. If I turned off the AC switch, the squealing would stop. It is a bit better but still will squeal on start up & at times will continue. If the electrical load is constant, the tension in the belt reduces as the revs increase, which is why it only squeals at low engine revs. So my mechanic friend grabbed some carb cleaner and shot the belt while it was running. Bad AC compressor 3. I put a vacuum on the AC system for 25 minutes and then put a 12oz bottle of 134 to the low side. It sounds like the belt is a little loose. This listing is for a new reproduction A/C Adjustable Idler Assembly for all 1965-Early 1967* Ford Mustang, Fairlane, Falcon, Ranchero and 1965-Early 1967* Mercury Cougar, Comet models equipped with factory air conditioning, alternator and 260/289 V8 engine ONLY. I thought that perhaps the clutch on the air conditioning pump might be malfunctioning and seizing up the pulley but am not really sure if this is a possibility. The power steering idler pulley is a different size/unit. The local benz diesel specialist replaced this, along with a new belt around the AC and idler pulley. You could have a weak belt tensioner too. I have replaced everything that moves on the front of the engine This belt is a perfect fit in my 2007 Yaris, and appeared to be exactly the same as the OEM belt, even to the printing on the belt. Saturday, (3-24-07) I pressed the AC button, it lit up (blue) AC blowing cold etc. I have also had a slight antifreeze leak and get on the belt and made it chirp. It squeals at the alternator---I believe---The belt routing is factory. When I go to turn the wheel, it squeals more. You may need to replace the AC belt if your loader squeals when you turn on the AC, has cracks in the AC belt, or is unable to defrost the windshield. Jan 12, 2006 · If you lube a belt it changes the frequency of the sound the belt makes to one you can’t hear but will not drive the pulleys fast enough and you may end up with a dead battery, dim lights, poor AC, or high engine temps, etc. Aug 14, 2009 · News: 73-87ChevyTrucks. If there is a significant drop in power when you turn on the AC, that  1 Feb 2019 If you have an older unit and happen to know that it is belt driven, then the issue is more than likely that the belts have been worn over the years  2 Aug 2016 I know I shouldn't have ignored it for so long- but now the ac has stopped working , no more squealing. Flat, cogged drive belt with 3 groves Great wear resistance Exceptional belt life Runs quieter Fiber-loaded backing with additional cord support improves The belt could be glazed and slipping even if it is tight. Still squeals like a pig. It seems that lately the belt squeals when its raining, been raining, very humid out. They say that the noise goes away when the belt is removed. 3. It was raining during the drive, so the humidity was very high. com offers select, high quality parts for sale that help fund this website and Forum. 0L engine built between Job 1 and 3-3-2009 may have an under- torqued A/C idler pulley nut that may be related to belt squeal. Like Sean said, a good video with decent sound would help. The belt connecting the motor to the blower needs to be replaced Most newer units do away with the belt system. 3 TR on start-up. A tensioner pulley is added between the idler pulley and the alternator. The reason that it is louder with the AC on is the AC compressor is being driven by the belt, causing more resistance (as designed) and this is causing further slippage. If your engine belt looks shiny on the ribbed side or has cracks in the ribs, consider replacing it to see if that quiets things down. If you have an older unit and happen to know that it is belt driven, then the issue is more than likely that the belts have been worn over the years and have slipped. I already had the belt tightened at Kauffman 3 months ago. when it's cold the engine starts immediately and the squeal will last perhaps 10 seconds but when its hot, sometimes the starter will have to turn it over several times and the squeal will last perhaps 30 seconds. It also indirectly keeps your battery from dying as that is a role of the alternator. However after the replacement on my drive back, I noticed that there is a loud screeching noise coming from under the hood when I turn on the AC. The only thing that is not factory is the power steering is removed. It has 63000 miles. Alternator Drive Belt Replacement in the DOHC Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth by Jeff Lucius Introduction The drive belt for the alternator and AC compressor (if installed) should be replaced every 30,000 miles or 3 to 4 years, or if it shows signs of wear. The headlights are also off when it squeaks. See below for the before and after shots in my Yaris: May 27, 2014 · Why Belt Dressing Is Not a Solution To Quiet a Noisy Belt May 27, 2014 at 12:10pm. AC is off due to winter but the heat is ON. I'm wondering what The 2002 Toyota Camry has 1 problems reported for ac is making squealing noise on start-up. The spring becomes weaker over time and allows the belt to slip when the demand for power for these accessories is high. Replaced the belt and tensioner, but the squeal persisted. If your fan belt breaks or falls off, these components will eventually fail, potentially leading to much bigger issues. Length: 33 inches 4 Groves Serpentine Belt Nylon cord for added tensile strength Fits the following Bobcat equipment: Excavators: E32, E35, E42, E45, E50, E55, E85 Forum discussion: One of my cars is a 96 Civic. new warranty guy says its only the belt. 3 4WD has a squeaking AC belt. It would only get worse with higher rpm's. I replace the fan belt and alternator belt because of the high pitch squeal on startup. The A/C blows cold. Maybe 1/2 in. I have tightened the belt and that did not help. Both belts had a bit of slack, but I figured it was the PS/AC belt because I can trigger it sometimes when I turn on AC. Most cars today have a single, continuous serpentine belt that winds around various pulleys found on the different components on the front of the engine. After tightening the AC belt, the car STILL squeals, with the AC still a trigger. In most cases, a squealing car air conditioner noise is caused by a worn out serpentine belt. Mar 18, 2013 · This video shows part I of how I diagnosed and replaced the AC compressor clutch pulley bearing from the air conditioning compressor on a 5. Took it back to mechanic,  4 Aug 2017 One of the most common sources of squealing is if you're running your air conditioner. No squeal today, but belt still feels loose to me. Replace the belt. I see it all the time but this is the first time it's started happening to my own car. A loud squeal is produced when the A/C is turned on. When I accelerate it gets worse, and then goes away. Yesterday I popped the hood and noticed the belt smoking by the AC pulley. I've been using it for the past 3 months just to make the car stop squeeling when i back out of my driveway. Another thing you should look at is the A/C pulley, when the compressor bearings wear out they will slow down the pulley's rotation, but since the engine will not stop for that it will force the belt to slip on the pulley's surface. 1965-Early 1967* Mercury Cougar,. I ordered a new belt today (original is 10 years old now). 4L, 6000K HIDS, 2 12" JVC Subs w/ 460W amp, Sport skid plate, OEM fog lights, Rola roof rack w/ extension. Worst-case possibility (but low probability) is something (AC compressor or the tensioner pulley bearing) is starting to lock up, causing the belt to slip and squeal. The main ones are: 1. Using one finger, press lightly against the fan belt. I'm afraid to just shoot WD40 or somthing like that in there because I'm afraid it will only trap dirt and cause the bearings to go bad quicker. Thanks; I was more or less only following this video when I replaced these belts, so I was a So I just got ac in my car again and bought a new belt and recharge the ac. When the belt doesn’t maintain constant adhesion to the various pulleys, it begins to slip and squeal. The garage have adjusted the tension but it came back. Jun 29, 2006 · On my trip from Ohio to NJ this week, the AC gave out a loud "squeal" every time it turned onalmost sounded like squealing tires, but not quite. I can turn off the AC and it does not squeal. I replaced the tensioner, still same Looking for help with a squealing serpentine belt on start up on '07. I have replaced OEM belt with a Gatorback & no joy (worked on my '01) then I read the TSB & replaced the tensioner with new OEM. Does anyone have any ideas. Now, the serpentine belt squeals for about 5-7 seconds on start up only (not everytime though). Often, the belt squeal is caused by May 05, 2010 · The sound you are hearing is the belt slipping slightly. If you are hearing the squeel when you turn the heat on, you are probably energizing your AC compressor that is also run by this belt. But it is so embarrassing I make sure to turn off my AC before I start my car. 1. The compressor cycles on and off especially in defrost mode. Easy part to swap out. In these cars, problems with the belt tension are often caused by a worn belt that has stretched. The noise when the ac or heat is turned on can be the extra load from the ac compressor or the alternator. just get a new one and throw it on This doesn't account for the Heater, but a squealing belt when the AC is on could mean that your compressor is bad. If the belt only squeals when you start the car with the AC on, it is probably the belt or the tensioner. When the belts begin to wear, they can slip during use and cause a fairly loud squealing sound. This time there is never a problem at idling, so it is hard to check this one on my own, but I looked at the belts today with someone else revving the engine. then normal engine noise then squeal. I took it to a Toyota Dealership in the area who replaced the belt and mentioned something about a “belt defect”. Both times the screeching was louder. The squeals only happen when the AC is turned on, and only if the AC is on when I apply the accelerator from a stop or low speed; and will go away if I turn off the AC. For a few months now every time I start the car with AC on the belt squeals really loud. Nov 18, 2011 · Generally it is a safe bet to change the tensioner along with the belt, if you keep driving like this, the new belt would be glazed pretty soon and then you need a new belt along with the tensioner. I just don't know if it's just a belt change or something bigger like the actual AC unit. May 29, 2013 · As kostura said, this is just a simple matter of having a loose serpentine belt. If the squeaking sound is heard only when the ac is on, the ac pulley may need a little bit of WD-40 sprayed on it. My A/C compressor belt squeals when the engine is cold. Mar 15, 2011 · I have had this issue for 6 months but it being cold, never bothered to try to fix it since the car still runs. A check with a belt tension gauge indicates the belt is correctly adjusted. Feb 24, 2018 · I've had the AC idler pulley bearing go bad on my 1998 Frontier, and replaced the pulley. The squeal is so brief it is easily drowned out by the starter noise if not looking for it. This is a really classic and common old car problem. I know now I should check the alternator belt, but that thing looks insane to reach. I will gladly take any suggestions. A year after purchasing the car, the serpentine belt began squealing. The belt is tight. If the air conditioner belt squeals when the air conditioning unit engages, turn the car off and tighten this belt again. I have replaced the idler pulley, both tensioners, and the alternator. I can make the squeal go away by spraying the gears it connects to with WD40, and I curious as to whether this is something that needs urgent fixing instead 1965-Early 1967* Ford Mustang,. There are two ways to attack it: Nov 25, 2019 · If your car squeals when you turn on the AC, has cracks in the AC belt, or is unable to defrost the windshield, you may need to replace the AC belt. When the A/C is activated the compressor is engaged. Sep 16, 2013 · i had the same problem on my 03. However it mostly happens when the AC is turned on. The last cause of a squealing engine belt is simply an old belt. Earlier, this used to happen rarely, but of late. The belt runs the alternator/water pump/a/c/ and of course is crank driven. 6 silver badges. Moreover, there's the danger of the belt flying apart, possibly taking out with it a sensor, wire or some other component. If the sound stops or changes and then returns as the water dries, the belt is likely worn. The serpentine belt is a long, winding belt that keeps many crucial parts of your car functioning, including the power steering pump, air pump, water pump, alternator, and (of course) your air conditioner. Looking at the belt and pulley, it looks to me like it is riding low. The key is to return to the shop that did the work soon enough, so that they own up and do the proper work. The belt squeals and gets louder when I turn the AC on and it also gets louder when I step on the pedal, but eventually stops after a few seconds. I checked the tension on the belt and it is fine and I tried belt dressing, and what do you know, it's still Every time I start my 1987 Ford F150 there is an annoying squeal. Well today on my way home I switched on the AC and got a horrible squeal for a few seconds. If the belt is sliding across a pulley, the water will make the squeal change. I've pulled it into the garage and looked at the belt and it seems to be completely stopping as the pulley continues to turn, which results in the squeal. I have been having a problem in which the serpentine belt squeals on startup. Spraying the tiniest amount of lubricant (of any sort - WD-40, silicone lube, white grease) on the belt will stop the noise temporarily, but it usually starts again by the time I get the hood closed and get back in the car. the battery light came back on and the screeching got infinitely louder. I use Gates or Gatorback belts, and a worn/glazed belt can squeal. When you hear a loud squealing sound from under your car's hood, it's very likely that the problem is a belt that is slipping against the pulleys. From my experience and I am 95% sure this is your harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley) to old and start rotating inside when load applied to the belt. Start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioner. Nov 24, 2018 · The sound of a squeaking belt in a car’s engine can be caused by weather conditions, leaking fluids, maintenance issues or wear and tear. It was hot out and went to start her up and all of a sudden it's squeakin like mad. The serpentine belt provides power to the vehicle's water pump, air conditioner, power steering and alternator. The serpentine belt in your car powers the accessories such  28 Aug 2019 The water pump, air conditioner clutch bearing (which will only be heard when the compressor is not engaged), fan belt idler pulleys or belt  3 Sep 2017 It could also be a tensioner bearing or even a problem with the air conditioner. Typically, if I have the AC set to on, and I start the car, and the AC starts at the same time, the belt (I'm assuming the AC belt) would squeal like crazy. AC runs fine, but the AC belt squeals if I am driving and step on the gas, ie increased load, or if sitting at a stop light and the AC kicks in to put out more, because of idle. Things that make the squealing noise. I would say you need a new AC Compressormore so a new front bearing in the belt pulley area. Got home Sunday afternoon, wife was going to go shopping, started the car, but as soon as she turned the headlights on, there was a horrible, high pitched squealing, sounds very much like a slipping belt, as it was not constant. Now the alternator is as far out as it can go. If it is not completely straight, you'll need to realign the belt. The belt on my 03 made absolutely no chirps or squeals until last summer at roughly 140k miles. It squeals for just a second at startup. Basically when I first turn the car on, there's instantly a pretty horrific squealing that sounds belt-related, and develops to an even higher pitch as I pull out of my parking spot before cutting off as I straighten out and drive away. Fairlane, Falcon, Ranchero. a high-pitched squealing noise, the issue is usually either the belt connecting the  16 Jul 2015 If your noisy air conditioner is affecting your work environment, get to The belt that drives the blower motor may have developed a problem. Average failure mileage is 150,000 miles. no matter how I adjust it . This video shows how to remove the tensioner When I replaced the timing belt on my Camry recently, I replaced the original AC compressor belt with a Gates belt. Sep 27, 2012 · Hi all, just a quick one . AC squeaks loudly when at idle and disappears upon acceleration or if AC is turned off. The rubber the belt is made out of wears out over time, can become glazed or even cracked which can all cause noise. It's going back next week. Found a broken bolt on the ac compressor and if you watched the belt it would almost want to jump off the pulley and almost looked like it was skipping. May 09, 2019 · A car is equipped with an A/C compressor driven by a V-type belt. 7l is making a squealing noise only when it hits 1500 rpm and above. 9L 1998 Dodge Ram 4X4. No more trying in vain to get the belt tight enough using whatever lever I can find. Discussion in '1st Gen. Should be max play of your thumbnail. Since the serpentine belt keeps the air conditioner functional, a bad serpentine belt will take that function away from it. That I have had for about a month now Power steering no idea what kind of pump Up graded new alternator Electric fans After market ac 3 groove pulley at harmonic balancer Car make a terrible belt squeal, it is intermittent and I think it is coming from power steering Dec 16, 2015 · I know that the 2007 Tundra had drive belt and tensioner pulley noise issues and Toyota issued a TSB. In the past, simply covering a noisy serpentine belt in belt dressing would quiet that pesky belt. If it looks worn or frayed, you may need to replace it. Today's automotive belts are made of neoprene or EPDM. Not long, but enough to be annoying. It is probably shot and not providing enough tension to keep the belt from squeeling under load. The dealer replaced belt and belt tensioner. It also seems to do it when the car is idling. One of the biggest burdens today for professional technicians and do-it-yourselfers is belt noise, and the No. Once things warm up a little, it quietens down. The AC puts an extra load on the belt, and the belt squeaks as it slips. Belt slippage . A/C Belt Diagnosis. If loose - tighten. Well yesterday I turned on the car, no problems. Ever since then . Replace an AC clutch by removing the serpentine belt and the air conditioner belt, unplugging the electrical harness from the compressor, removing the clutch, changing the pulley, and installing the new clutch. It will stop if I May 25, 2015 · Re: AC compressor Squeal May 25 2015, 9:20pm If the squeal is timed with the on cycle of the clutch assembly, look to make sure the belt is not slipping on the clutch assembly. Now, the squeal is worse, and comes in when A/C and when turning while the car is cold. The belt was worn out but further investigation showed the spring loaded belt tensioner was seized. Most modern cars use a serpentine belt system that is tensioned by an automatic belt tensioner, which cannot be adjusted manually. 14 bronze badges. Replaced all the belts, checked for glazing and found none. Now, the frequency of the squealing is Jul 04, 2016 · Hi folks, There’s a rubber belt that connects lots of stuff in my truck, I believe it’s the serpentine belt, and at around the 100k miles mark it began squealing when I first start the engine, especially when there’s been some rain. The reason it's worse when you turn is because your a putting more load on the belt through the power steering causing it to squeal more. Make sure all the pulleys are clean and dry, scraping any gunk or residue out of all the grooves, then use a quality belt like an AC Delco or Goodyear Gatorback. Problem with a tensioner One way to tell would be to use a water spray bottle and squirt the grooved side of the belt. If you see these issues, you’ll need a professional to replace the belt. However, there is now a quite different, intermittent squeal from the belt slipping on the AC---only occurring when the compressor clutch is engaged, of course. Oct 21, 2005 · It works fine, but I guess the bearings are just old and it squeals a little when the engine's cold. The 2004 Nissan Quest has 1 problems reported for serpentine belt squeals. I always figured it was the belt being loose but I just checked and it does not seem to be. any help would be appricated. I looked quickly under the hood and it appears that everything runs off of a serpentine belt, which I would assume has its own tensioner so nothing to tighten really. i have 2011 ic ce dt that the ac belt has started to squeel at high idle. That’s when belts were made of neoprene. Mar 13, 2020 · To quiet a noisy fan belt, start by lifting the hood of the car and inspecting the belt. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is squealing a lot, especially when the air conditioning compressor starts up. V8 Adjustable/Belt Tension Idler. Ive heard loosely that theres a spray (not WD-40) you can get as a way of coating or lubricating the belt, thus (hopefully) wiping out the squeal. When starting the car in the morning or after several hours, there's a slight squeal for 2 seconds from the alternator belt. Dec 24, 2009 · Hey guys my alternator belt just started squealing randomly one day. There ARE times the car will make very mild squealing noise even with the AC off. I've also changed the AC belt and tensioner. As ambient temps got above 80ï½°, I started using the AC. Pictures provided by: Jul 13, 2011 · My 2001 Chev Tahoe 5. The squeal was still there when cold so I checked the belt and even though only about 5 years old, there was some visible signs of cracking. answered Nov 19 '18 at 21:12. Today, you should never put belt dressing on an EPDM-made serpentine belt. I replaced the belt and the squeal was still there but only when I would turn on the AC or during acceleration. Is this cause for concern? Will the belt "self-tighten"? I know its not the AC belt as it does not squeal during AC use. It started to do it for about 45 seconds, but has increased to about 10-15 minutes. This places a load on the engine and the drive belt that rotates the compressor. When I first start the car and then turn on the A/C, there is a horrible belt squealing noise for about 5-10 seconds, then it finally stops. e. Therefore, you might notice the chirping starts when you turn the  So it could be AC/Alternator belt. If I turned off the AC, waited a few seconds, and turned it back on, the squealing would stop. I would think that you used new parts so they are probably up to snuff. You have a serpentine belt, so the ac power steering and alternator are run off the same belt. In this way, the belt keeps your fan, air conditioning, power steering pump, water pump and alternator working. It could be that the A/C compressor belt is worn out and  forward about 8 months, no ac, constant squeal, the belt has no teeth. Therefore, when a serpentine belt 2. And the belt was needed because I killed it with belt dressing. Did not get a chance to try turning lights or AC on when driving. Feb 18, 2013 · Once the part is modified, it is easy to replace the Yaris bracket with the new one, tighten it up, and BAM! Belt tensioner for the Yaris. It ended up being a bad AC compressor. We need to get a belt or two in the life of a car -same for a tensioner. That in turn turns the compressor shaft to make the pump work. The load from the alternator is the first noise of the day. If it gets louder, that's a tensioner issue. 6L. Your compressor runs off the belt, though the shaft in the compressor is only turning when the clutch on the compressor is "engaged" (when your AC is on). Just quick and easy belt tensioning. Using a pick between the outer race and the plastic May 15, 2012 · If i dont switch off the AC, the noise stops automatically after 5-6 seconds. Today's EPDM belts last much longer, because the material used in them has more elasticity. etc. Two years later (~3 months ago), the belt began squealing again. A V belt that is not wide enough will run on the bottom of the pulley providing very little belt friction regardless of the correct tension. Sep 10, 2008 · Sounds like they did not tension the belt correctly to me, got oil on the belt or the belt is old and worn, thus causing the squeel due to a combination of improper tension/wear. Well, the new belt wasn't worn or had any cracks in the groves, therefore it made the AC Compressor grab/not slip on the belt. belt, what's the mileage on the car?, In a LOL related story I used to work for a TV repair shop and a guy had a VHS that was squeaking and he actually pushed in the door of the unit and blasted "half a can or so" in his words, into it Dec 28, 2016 · First and foremost, belt dressing was good for V-Belts, but NEVER use it on a serpentine belt. Most vehicles have a serpentine belt system, which is a single continuous belt that "snakes" around the pulleys of the multiple peripherals on the front of an engine. There are no noises the rest With the AC belt, I could see that every few seconds the AC wheel was locking, and causing the belt to squeak. Either the belt is worn, or the belt tensioner is going bad. 30 Jul 2014 Belt noise is the 'check engine' light that something is wrong with the serpentine Most chirp noises occur as a short belt span enters into a grooved the alternator air conditioner compressor water pump serpentine belt idler  24 Jun 2013 with the 2. If the belt squeals when you turn the AC on after the car it running, it possibly could be something with the AC compressor, but I'd still start with the belt or the tensioner. When the belt slips on the pulley's it causes the squealing sound you are hearing. 4 miles of driving, then intermittently for the next 4 miles, a Squealing that initially I would say was a belt, would sound for about 2 to 5 seconds. When I first start my car and click on the AC I get a LOUD squealing from the belt and then after maybe 15-20 sec it goes away. I tightened it yesterday by moving the alternator. Nov 05, 2019 · A malfunctioning air conditioner can be attributed to a lot of things. It is worse at idle but won't go away when engine is revved but is a little better. It would squeak now for just a second and then worked fine. So I parked the car and revved the engine stopped, then turned the AC on. My Tundra had the TSB done in 08 according to my records. Air Conditioner / heat pump Compressor screaming, singing, squealing, trumpeting, or water gurgling, whine, wuwuwu Noises - Air conditioner or heat pump noise diagnosis & cure: this air conditioning repair article series illustrates and explains discusses air conditioning compressor noises which range in importance from normal (if annoying squeaks and squeals, to rattling loose bolts and Yes, apply a generous slathering of WD-40 over everything, belt, pulley's, rollers, this will quiet thing down quickly!. Sep 26, 2008 · Belt dressing is no good. I put 1 new a/c belt & tensioner on it from the dealer parts and the same night it started the noise again. First few days no problems. Subject: Belt Squealing BAD!! on 99' 5. say once in 2-3 days. Plan is to compare it to another truck first, then recheck all the accessories on the engine. In general, EPDM-made belts need to be replaced every 100,000 miles. When you hit I replaced mine when I did the timing belt and my AC-on noise (was a constant fluttering/light chirping sound) completely disappeared. The tensioner is a spring-loaded device that holds the belt tightly against the pulleys of each of these accessories. What I turn the car on, the alternator or alternator belt squeal. the belt initially squeals when I engage the AC. Despite the noise, the AC seemed to be working ok. Sometimes I can rev my engine to get it to stop too. Mar 02, 2012 · The belt to my AC compressor is making a squeak noise intermittently whether the AC/Defroster is turned on or not. The repair was accomplished on Nov 21, 2016 · Yesterday my alternator belt was removed because of one of the pulleys also making noise. The slipping more or less disappears above idling speeds. p. If the loose belt is tightened in time then the belt can be saved. literally minuites later it begins to fade away and it slowly eats up the rubber of your belt (very similar to using WD-40) but most importantlty check your tensioner on your alternator and the tension of your belt compared to the one to the right of it. So I popped the hood w/ the AC on and noticed the sound came from the vicinity of the timing belt. On the side note, I should have Aug 08, 2012 · A new fan belt can seem to resolve the noise problem and most brands now contain fiber, such as Dayco’s new Poly Rib “W Profile” belt. i have changed the belt the idler pulleys and ac compressors and still get a squeel when ac is on. Belts and pulleys are fairly new. If you have a  11 Mar 2019 AC Problems – Your car's AC system uses the serpentine belt to run smoothly. Does this look right? Thanks, Doug Nov 01, 2008 · During this past summer, if I started the engine with the Auto temperature button engaged (engaging the car's AC/Heating system), I'd get a horrible squeal -- presumably from the AC belt. The belts are relatively new. There are two distinctively different types of belt noise, “Chirp” and “Squeal”. Same thing happens when the AC is turned on. So two questions: I just installed a Vintage Air Gen IV system in my car with a Sanden compressor and March serpentine belt pulley set-up. The squeal when you turn on the AC or heater is a loose fan belt. Worn out / loose drive belt 2. The serpentine belt, or fan belt, as some call it, transfers power from the engine crankshaft to the various engine accessories, such as the alternator, power steering pump etc. The AC belt is probably the most simple component of a vehicle's AC system, but still a very important one. RX - 1st Gen (1999-2003) - RX300 Belt squeals if started with AC on - So I have the squealing alternation belt problem when I start the engine  11 Jan 2017 Squeaky belts can be seriously annoying and potentially dangerous. On the side note, I should have Belt recently replaced? Is the belt loose, check tension by pushing inward with your thumb between crank pulley and A/C compressor. If misalignment is not identified and remedied, the noise problem has not really been fixed. I will say that Frontiers DO have the reputation (and deserved) for belt squeals. I started hearing a squal so I looked in to it. Sep 06, 2011 · I had to replace my power steering pump awhile back, so I replaced the main belt with a Gates. Old glazed belt 2. Although there are a few causes of a squealing engine, one of the most common is a bad or failing serpentine belt. I took my belt off and r+r the broken bolt and it fixed the problem. The duration of the squeal is directly proportional to the amount of cranking time; i. s. you can see melted bits of teeth  If your air conditioner is making strange noises, there could be a few issues. If at fast idle, there usually is not a problem. AC will work but squeals (2003 Toyota Avalon) A loose drive belt may cause the belt to slip at the alternator pulley, creating a squeal. So I decided to turn the AC on again. After that the same belt was put back on. It has been about 2 weeks since the belts were Aug 04, 2017 · The car squeals when you turn it on because the belt is cold and stiff; but the squealing dissipates after the car runs for a while. Sep 05, 2009 · AC belt now has a loud squealing noise that occurs in the morning or has sat around for a few hours. These belts squeal if there’s not enough tension or if the belt is worn and stretched. The past few days the temp dropped and I haven't used the ac. belt squeals when ac is on

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